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Do you want to measure or control the daily consumption and power of your facilities and have alarms that warn you when things aren’t going well?

With our smart telemetry meters you will have the data and information necessary to know minute by minute the electricity consumption and power demanded in your company.

In addition, you will be able to implement real programs to reduce your energy costs or to optimize power and control unnecessary deviations in consumption or voltage in your facilities, avoiding theft or penalties.

Don’t pay more for an energy meter that doesn’t really work for you!.

We take care of everything: Study, legalization, installation, financing and start-up.



Cost reduction

información diaria contador


Daily consumption and power information.

control alarma desvíos contador


Deviation alarms

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You will be able to control all the parameters of your consumption per hour and day


Monthly payment on your electricity bill

What are the advantages of installing a telemetry meter on my property?

A remote metering meter is the solution for knowing and controlling your electricity consumption in real time. It will allow you to:

  • Monitor the quality of supply.
  • Optimise the contracted power.
  • Detect anomalous consumption.
  • Eliminate cost overruns such as possible penalties for reactive energy or excess power.
  • Avoid “phantom consumption”.
  • Obtain real-time information on consumption, power and voltage.
  • Have graphs and reports of your supply point.
  • Achieve a reduction in the overall cost of energy by being able to optimise consumption.
  • Exploit the information to apply energy efficiency measures aimed at reducing costs.

Our equipment is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Distributors, in accordance with the provisions of RD 1110/2007 of the Unified Regulation of Measuring Points of the Spanish Electricity System.

In LOVE Energy we take care of everything from the order to the supplier up to its installation and commissioning. But, what does it include?

  • Supply of the equipment approved by the Ministry of Industry and Distributors.
  • Services of processing of the file with the Commercialisation Company and the Distributor, including the certification, homologation and parametrization, costs of sealing, costs of Industry and costs of verification in the laboratory of the Distributor.
  • Management of the withdrawal of the Distributor’s equipment.
  • Replacement in the presence of the Distributor’s operators.
  • The equipment remains sealed and verified by the Distributor.
  • Access to the Telemetry Software is provided.
  • We take care of keeping the Telemetry Data up to date.

What does access to the monitoring software offer me?

Complete your new meter with our exclusive software, the latest in metering and data management platforms; with which, in addition to setting alerts, you can find out all the details related to your energy consumption, such as:

  • Monthly shutdowns
  • Excess power
  • Consumption peaks

Our equipment allows you to take real supply readings and extract important information that will help you optimise your consumption and save on your energy costs.

What do I need to install a proprietary meter?

If your access tariff is greater than or equal to a 3.0TD tariff, you can ask us for an offer for your proprietary meter that meets the needs of your supply point.

Not only will we replace your current equipment, but we will also provide you with access to our monitoring software and our after-sales department will ensure correct operation and communication with the electricity distributor, in order to be able to claim on your behalf in the event of improper readings or any other incident detected.

What is the delivery time of the equipment?

We estimate a delivery time of approximately two months. This is not only due to the processing of the documentation with the Distributor (which may take some time to resolve), but also due to the coordination of the installation of the equipment with the person responsible for the installation, the authorised personnel of the same Distributor and our technicians.

Please note that only an authorised Distribuidora technician can handle, unseal and seal the new equipment.

What payment facilities can I get?

As with all our energy efficiency equipment, you will not have to pay anything until the commissioning of your new remote metering meter. We offer you financing in easy instalments, adapted to what you used to pay for the rental of your previous meter, so you can continue to control your expenses as you see fit:

  • You will save from the first minute, with your project installed and running. And with no initial outlay.
  • This monthly saving quota is the same as the financing quota for the installation.
  • Don’t worry about your monthly instalment, and when the financing ends, the savings will accumulate.

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