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Why buy energy when we can produce it cheaper, cleaner and more efficiently?

With the LOVE ENERGY Self-consumption solution you can relax and we’ll take care of the project and commissioning of your own photovoltaic installation.

To become a producer of your own energy you only need a roof and LOVE ENERGY. We manage everything: Study, budget, installation, legalization and financing.

With the LOVE ENERGY Self-consumption solution you will be able to consume all the energy that you need and we will also reward you for the energy you do not use.

Why install solar panels?

Green energy

Reduction of CO2 emissions


Cost reduction

amortización autofinanciada

Cost effectiveness

With the savings you pay your fee

compensación de energía sobrante


For the energy you don’t use


Monthly payment on your electricity bill

What do I need to calculate my installation?

If you have a pitched roof, a rooftop or a roof, or any other space available for installation, ask us for a free offer to size the photovoltaic installation that best suits your energy needs.

In addition, you can finance your panels in easy instalments on your electricity bill. You do not have to make any initial outlay or decapitalise yourself before installation.

How does a photovoltaic installation work and what does it consist of? Any photovoltaic installation will have, at least, the following elements:

  • Solar module: converts the energy from the sun into electrical energy thanks to silicon photovoltaic cells.
  • Inverter: transforms the direct current (DC) generated in the modules into alternating current (AC), so that most electronic equipment in homes and businesses can use it.
  • Regulator: system for monitoring the installation, which chooses when to consume energy from the sun and when to consume electricity from the grid.
  • Bi-directional meter: measures how much energy we consume, either solar or from the grid, and how much we feed into the grid. This way we can measure how much surplus you generate month by month and pay you for it.
  • Anchoring structure: this will support the entire string of panels, and secure them to the roof where they are installed.

What is included in the budget for my photovoltaic installation? Our customised projects include:

  • The study and sizing of the optimum photovoltaic installation.
  • The processing of the different permits and licences with the relevant bodies in order to be able to carry out the installation.
  • The material and its delivery to the point of supply.
  • The installation and start-up of the self-consumption installation.
  • Legalisation and registration in the Delegation of your Autonomous Community.

What is the installation period for this type of project? Installation times will vary from one project to another depending on the power to be installed and the speed with which the organisations manage the documentation, procedures, licences, etc. that are carried out both before and after the installation.

How can I finance my photovoltaic installation? You will have the financing method that large companies rely on, technological leasing (financing offered for companies or the self-employed).

This is the simplest and most beneficial method for you when it comes to amortising your energy efficiency installation:

  • You will save from the first minute, with your project installed and running. You take care of the enjoyment, we take care of the rest.
  • This monthly saving fee is the same as the one that in turn finances the leasing fee of the installation.
  • Don’t worry about your monthly fee, and when your lease ends, the savings will accumulate.
  • Find out about the other methods and tax advantages that you can benefit from.

What guarantee does my photovoltaic installation have? The guarantee of the equipment is offered by the manufacturer. In the case of solar panels, it has a production guarantee of up to 25 years, thus ensuring that the installation will generate energy under certification criteria with minimum efficiency losses.

In addition to this, the equipment is guaranteed for the duration of its financing. Our after-sales department will ensure the correct operation and optimal generation of your installation.




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