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Do you want to keep paying for something you don’t control?

Reactive energy is that which your installation “returns” to the electricity grid and if you produce it in excess, your bill will be penalized with an extra charge.

Get in touch with us and we will carry out a free study to solve the problem by installing capacitor banks.

We guarantee that in a maximum period of 18 months you will have already compensated the investment in your batteries that we also finance you in comfortable terms through your electricity bill.



Cost reduction


You’ll extend the life of your machinery

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Cost effectiveness

With the savings you pay your fee


Monthly payment on your electricity bill


You’ll improve the security in your facilities

How do I know which is the most suitable battery for my needs?

If you have a penalty on your bill for reactive energy, you can consult us for a preliminary study, where we will offer you the equipment that best suits your needs. Moreover, you will finance it together with your electricity bill, thanks to the savings generated by the elimination of the penalty for reactive energy.

We just need you to provide us with a recent bill from your supply point.

What does this product include?

At LOVE Energy we offer you a “Turnkey Project”, that is to say, we take care of all the steps, from ordering the equipment from the supplier, to its installation and commissioning, adding the after-sales service.

Not only do we provide you with the acquisition and financing of your new battery, but you will also have a specialised after-sales department, in charge of controlling and supervising that your equipment works correctly, detecting incidents and contacting the technical service for their prompt resolution.

Our service includes:

  • Your capacitor bank.
  • The standard installation of the equipment.
  • Your start-up.
  • Exclusive financing for our customers.

What is the delivery time of the equipment?

We estimate a delivery time of 20 – 30 days from receipt of the signed contract in our offices. Our technicians will contact you to arrange a timetable and an installation date.

What payment facilities can I get?

  • You will save from the first minute thanks to our technological renting, with your project installed and running. Moreover, with no initial outlay.
  • This monthly saving quota is the same as the financing quota of the installation.
  • Don’t worry about your monthly instalment, and when the financing ends, the savings will accumulate.

What happens if I already have a capacitor bank installed, but I am still being billed for reactive energy consumption? Who is responsible for its removal?

If you have a capacitor bank already installed and you are still being penalised, it may be that the equipment is not working correctly, or that its consumption has changed, either due to the installation of machinery in your business or because it has increased. In these cases, we also take care of the uninstallation and removal of the current equipment* and the commissioning of your new capacitor bank.

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